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Neuropathy Prevention: Practices You Can Start Doing


Neuropathy or peripheral neuropathy is a condition causing numbness, burning pain, weakness, tingling, and similar symptoms due to a damaged nerve or nerves connected to the nervous system. Though diabetes is one of the top causes of this ailment, you can prevent severe conditions by following good practices before undergoing nerve pain treatment.

  • Exercise and choose a healthy diet
    Improving your flexibility, balance, and strength can reduce the pain caused by neuropathy. To do so, you have to create and follow regular physical exercises. In addition, you have to take more fruits and vegetables for your diet, which is also true when you’re taking migraine medication in Florida.
  • Quit doing unhealthy lifestyle
    Excessive drinking of alcohol and cigarette smoking could worsen neuropathic conditions. While doing your exercise and eating healthier food, you also have to consider reducing or stopping immoderate alcohol and smoking.
  • Take care of your feet
    This is not only for individuals with diabetes. This is also applicable for people with poor blood flow and sensitive feet. Cover your feet with soft socks and do not walk barefoot. Regularly clean your cuts or wounds caused by diabetic conditions to prevent neuropathy complications.

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