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Neuropathy: The Nerve Pain on Your Nerves


Nerve pain treatment is one of the most sought-after therapy or treatment by Americans. Neuropathy is a painful condition affecting millions of our citizens. The common condition leading to peripheral neuropathy is when the peripheral nerves are damaged.

When a person experiences peripheral neuropathy, there is a reduction of the nerve’s ability to deliver messages to and from the brain. If the nerves and the brain cannot communicate properly, a person may feel an unusual and painful sensation. Experts classify the general causes of neuropathy into:

  • Metabolic is when the body is having trouble metabolizing and using energy. The most prevalent in this category is diabetes, while other causes may be due to vitamin deficiencies and thyroid.
  • Toxic occurs when there is a build-up of toxins in the body, usually associated with drug and alcohol abuse. Cancer therapy treatments can also cause this type of neuropathy because of the radiation and chemotherapy.
  • Compression happens when the nerves are pinched to trauma, inflammation, repetitive motion, or any condition that compresses the nerves.
  • Idiopathic usually occurs and affects the elderly over the age of 60. There is no known cause for the condition.

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