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Common Triggers and Risk Factors of Migraine

 Common Triggers and Risk Factors of Migraine

Do you experience frequent headaches lately? Does it often happen on one side of your head only? You might be suffering from migraines. When having a migraine, do not prolong your agony and make sure to look for migraine medication in Florida. The main cause of migraine is not yet proven, and doctors are not totally sure about it. But, they think imbalances in certain brain chemicals may play a role.

The risk factors of migraine include your genes, age, and gender. Listed below are some of its common triggers:

  • Too much medication and certain foods such as salty, process foods, etc.
  • Hormonal changes and emotional stress
  • Skipping meals and alcohol and caffeine
  • Sensory overload and physical strain
  • Changes in sleep pattern and changes in weather

If you suffer from migraines too frequently and it’s getting worse as the day goes by, you should see a neurologist in Boca Raton, Florida, immediately before it will lead to more complications.

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