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Understanding Mild Cognitive Impairment and Its Effect


Honestly, there are some difficulties in determining the lines differentiating cognitive impairment, dementia, and normal aging. It is safe to say that cognitive impairment is a bit problematic than normal aging but not as serious as dementia. Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) can be treated if diagnosed earlier by a professional neurologist in Boca Raton, Florida.

  • Symptoms Awareness

    Some seniors dealing with MCI could be aware of the symptoms but link them to normal aging. For instance, you might forget details of an event or lose your focus on a conversation. Though the symptoms could not affect your activities of daily living, they might develop a bigger problem if not treated.

  • Functional Changes

    You might observe that your “senior moments” are becoming more frequent than before. A common task might frustrate you easily, and a certain situation might overwhelm you or make you more impulsive. Accomplishing a task is not a problem but details of carrying the job could trigger frustration.

  • Cognitive Skills

    If remembering events or details is not an issue, other cognitive abilities might be affected, such as giving judgment, conveying sound decisions, or demonstrating visual perception. Also, some neurological nerves, reflexes, or senses may be affected.

It is important to note that a wrong diagnosis could occur sometimes. This is the reason why you have to mention any prescriptions you’re taking, like your medications for nerve pain treatment.

For a professional and careful assessment, please reach out to us here at Boca Raton Neurologic Associates. Aside from our migraine medication in Florida, we offer evidence-based diagnoses for neurological issues through cognitive testing and other techniques. Talk to us today!

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