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How to Ensure Legal Protection for Elders with Dementia

How to Ensure Legal Protection for Elders with Dementia

A loved one with dementia needs more than quality care from the most reputable neurologist in Boca Raton, Florida. They need to receive sufficient legal protection, too. Here are expert tips to help you protect a loved one with dementia:

  • Prepare a health care directive.
    Elders with dementia will eventually have problems with making decisions in the future. Discuss with them the possible dementia-related health issues that may arise, as well as what course of action you can take. Include these in a health care directive, otherwise known as a “living will.”
  • Monitor the elder’s treatment.
    Pay attention to who is caring for the elder. Know who is in charge of their migraine medication in Florida and where they are receiving their treatment. You can deter elder abuse when the carers know you are keeping an eye on your loved one.
  • Encourage the elder to grant a financial power of attorney to someone they trust.
    When an elder is unable to make sound financial decisions, someone else should step in on their behalf. This person will ensure that the hospital bills are paid and the elder’s finances are in good order.
  • Have the elder draft an estate plan.
    Encourage the senior to draft clear guidelines on what they’d want to do with their assets. Doing so will reassure the elder that they won’t be taken advantage of during their most vulnerable moments.

Seniors with dementia should be protected. Boca Raton Neurologic Associates is here not only to provide quality nerve pain treatment. We also want to ensure that seniors maintain a high standard of living as they age. Talk to us if you have concerns regarding your loved one with dementia.

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