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After a Stroke: Ways to Treat Spasticity

After a Stroke: Ways to Treat Spasticity

Spasticity is a condition that affects the neuromuscular network of the body and is caused by damage to the portion of the brain that controls voluntary movement. Usually, seniors suffer from spasticity after a stroke or traumatic brain injury.

Fortunately, numerous treatment options are available for you to choose from if you want to cope with spasticity. You can listen to the recommendation of your neurologist in Boca Raton, Florida. Of course, thorough research can help you make the right choice, too.

Here are some of the treatment options available for spasticity:

  • Oral Medications and Injections
    Your doctor will recommend oral medications and injections according to the severity of your condition. The medications prescribed are muscle relaxers which help reduce spasms. If you are taking other medications such as migraine medication in Florida, be sure to inform your doctor about it to avoid negative drug interaction.
  • Orthoses
    Medical technology has improved a lot! Now, you are able to use a mechanical device that will support your joints and muscles, allowing you to have an artificial tension system to cope with spasticity.
  • Exercise
    Regularly doing stretching exercises is a must for your condition. A physical therapist can help you come up with an exercise routine to improve joint stiffness, increase range of motion, and stretch your muscles.
  • Surgery
    Severe spasticity cases require surgery. The surgery is a last resort. It should only be considered when all other treatment options have failed.

If left untreated, spasticity can lead to a pressure sore, overactive reflex, urinary tract infection, and chronic constipation. Be sure to visit Boca Raton Neurologic Associates for a suitable nerve pain treatment when you have spasticity.

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