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Diagnosing and Treating Dementia

Diagnosing and Treating Dementia

Senior adults are known to experience forgetfulness as years pass by. It is said that forgetting things is a normal part of aging since we experience changes in our body that affect our brain. However, it’s going to be a different story if a senior adult begins forgetting even the simplest things that it is already affecting lifestyle, overall health, and relationships with others.

Research indicates that dementia is prevalent among aging adults. A few of the most common symptoms are memory problems, behavioral changes, and reduced concentration. It can be a real concern if they start forgetting to eat on time and take their prescriptions.

If you are noticing the above symptoms in your senior loved one, accompany them to a neurologist in Boca Raton, Florida, for them to be properly diagnosed and treated. Keeping their mind active by incorporating mind-stimulating activities can also help.

In our clinic, we can help examine your senior loved one’s condition and ascertain that they get personalized treatment. Whether they need new prescriptions or migraine medication in Florida, we will be able to provide them.

While we help treat dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, Boca Raton Neurologic Associates also administer nerve pain treatment. For more information, please contact us today!

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