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Dementia: The Advantages of Seeking an Early Diagnosis

Dementia: The Advantages of Seeking an Early Diagnosis

Have you observed your senior loved one experiencing frustration, memory loss, confusion, withdrawal, inability to do daily activities, and disorientation? Yes, they can be normal signs of aging. But, what if it’s already another old-age problem we call dementia?

  • Some symptoms are treatable
    Some dementia problems can be treated, such as hypothyroidism and Vitamin B12 deficiency. Not all signs of dementia are caused by Alzheimer’s disease. Getting a proper diagnosis from a professional neurologist in Boca Raton, Florida can correct and reverse the condition.
  • Dementia is not equal to memory loss
    Though memory loss is one of the signs of dementia, not all memory loss is dementia. Some forgetfulness is just a normal part of aging but others could be a serious clinical condition. Talking to a professional as early as possible can help you to get a proper evaluation of your senior’s problem.
  • Treatment can start earlier with early diagnosis
    Alzheimer’s disease cannot be reversed but symptoms can be reduced and the quality of life can be enhanced. A skilled professional can provide reliable nerve pain treatment when required.

You can help your elderly to experience some relief if you allow him or her to see a doctor as early as possible. We also offer migraine medication in Florida. We at Boca Raton Neurologic Associates are committed to leading you and your family to a better quality of life. Contact us today for details!

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