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Chronic Migraine: What Is It and What Are Its Effects?

Chronic Migraine: What Is It and What Are Its Effects?

Do you feel extreme pain in the head occasionally or regularly? If so, this is not a common headache but a migraine. Common headaches have several types, such as tension, sinus, and cluster headaches. They vary in intensity and frequency but regular headaches can be treated naturally and by pain killers.

A migraine is more than those types of headaches abovementioned. Every neurologist in Boca Raton, Florida, identifies migraine as a neurological disease that can cause severe throbbing pain. Moreover, migraines can lead to other severe health risks. When not treated, migraines can lead to long-term effects, such as sensory problems like eye discomfort or photophobia, and psychological diseases, like panic disorders and depression.

There are several treatments and remedies to control migraines. However, if those treatments do not work anymore, it is best to seek specialists for migraine medication in Florida. Tests and screenings, such as CT scans or MRIs, must be done to diagnose migraine. Specialists use abortive medication for mild cases which means possibly stopping the headache process. They also use preventive or prophylactic medication for severe cases.

Migraine is an early result of neurogenic inflammation. At Boca Raton Neurologic Associates, we provide nerve pain treatment that controls migraine attacks and possible triggers.

To avoid the long-term effects of migraine, consult our specialists now.

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