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Causes and Symptoms of Radiculopathy


Radiculopathy, also known as nerve root disorder or a pinched nerve, is damage or an injury to the nerve roots in the space where they exit the spine.

As a trusted neurologist in Florida, we specialize in neurological care. Allow us to share our expertise on what you need to know about radiculopathy:

  • Radiculopathy can be caused by anything that compresses or irritates the roots of your spinal nerves, such as traumas like falls or car accidents, bone spurs growing on one of your vertebrae, disc herniation, also referred to as slipped, ruptured, or bulging discs.
  • Radiculopathy can also develop for no apparent reason other than aging. Your bones and discs in your spine lose shape and flexibility as you age. This natural degeneration and weakening of your spine can cause it to shift enough to pinch a nerve.
  • You may experience a variety of symptoms depending on the type of radiculopathy you have. You may experience pain around your neck if you have Cervical Radiculopathy. You will most likely experience pain in and around your chest if you have Thoracic Radiculopathy. You may also experience pain or numbness in your lower back if you have Lumbar Radiculopathy.

If the pain or other symptoms persist, it is best to consult with a doctor for nerve pain treatment or other surgical procedures depending on the nerve root that is affected.

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